Monday, July 26, 2010

Enter The Doorway

These are my two newest works, I'm experimenting alot with reds and yellows and also the absence of white lines in between shapes. The one on top is called The Pillar, I'm really excited about the effect the yellow "pillar" in the middle really pushes out against the background blue. I'm not really sure what to do with the white "tears" I may leave them, i might paint them in with a blood red but im pretty sure i will leave it, it may even be the thing holding the whole painting together. The one underneath is Untitled and still follows the same idea of "The Pillar" Much less exciting of a piece, yet still informative, Let's say this is Untitled 2 since its my second oil painting so im kind of teaching myself how to use oil and overall I still love my Water Colors more. Two new paintings that i feel are a doorway into a new kind of painting from this guy.